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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  February 26, 2010 7:00pm-7:50pm EST

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domestic violence investigation against a top aid. plus, it's palin versus leno. and they are in the side show, jimmy carter. we start with the health kafr
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bill. gentlemen, let's take a look right now. here's house press secretary robert gibbs. >> he'll communicate that next week. you a and next week i'll let the president make a decision and announce that decision. >> we'll likely make an announcement next week about the steps forward. >> the word for the white house, gentlemen, is that next week the president is going to make an announcement about the status of health care and how the democrats get it passed. what's your assessment, mr. cummings, of what is going to
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happen next week when the president makes that assess sme? >> i'm not sure what he will say but i'm hoping that he will say we are going to move forward. that we've got to move rapidly and they simply cannot wait. and i would imagine he may have some comments about yesterday's summit. wherein it was clear that our republican friends have rejected many proposals that are already in the bill that they have supported in the past. such as exchanges and making sure and these are ideas, chris, for which the republicans have supported in the past and now they come along when president obama is proposing them and they suddenly say, you know, this is not good enough. and there are many other, too, by the way. >> yeah. so i think we have to move forward. because in is a life and death
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situation. i have people in my district who don't have insurance or who are going to fall under very, very high premiums very soon and we can see that by what happened with anthem bluecross blue shield in california when they said that they were going up on their premiums from 25 to 39% for individuals. that's a real problem. and i think that that's just a sign of what is going to happen in the future. >> you know, i was thinking sometimes, congressman, when something happen, you can't see that it happens so fast and sometimes it happens so slow that you can't see t like ali, you can never see the punches. but yesterday it seemed like it took 700 hours to see something happen. congressman, is it republicans don't really want to deal? >> that's right. that's it. you know, the president needed one more time to show the american public this is what the republicans have to offer.
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and it's basically nothing. they want to go back to the starting line but then they want to carry us backwards. you know me, chris. i used to be a moderate democrat during the clinton years. i am no longer moderate with these guys. they have radicalized, because their whole approach is survival of the fittest. if you can't afford health care, tough. suffer. but better that you suffer than what we tax the investment profits of wealthy people in this country. they had nothing to offer. no exchanges, no subsidies, no malpractice suits, no matter of what nature. they are not willing to compromise. let's start all over. and i think the president has made it clear if they have got nothing to offer, the speaker will get the votes, we'll have to go reconciliation but we're
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on record voting for health care. we're going to get a health care bill that all but 39 house democrats and 60, et cetera. we'll get a bill and i think we'll get it you recognize that it's full steam ahead or nothing because the republicans have said, we're not going to cover the 34 and republicans are passing and the washington post poll, it says americans do want a reform. they want to get rid of pre-existing conditions. let me tell you something, chris. probably 95% of people watching us and what does that mean, that
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means that they would not be able to get insurance and as congressman moran said, what are the republicans saying to them. to hell with you? we don't care? just die? get sick. come on, this is america. >> let's take a look at the number three men in your leadership said last night on your program. here he is. jim clyborn laying out to what looks to be the forward motion of where this is going to go right now. let's listen. and it's floating around as to who goes first. that is not important. and what is important so long
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assed it process is won that will guarantee that we have the bill very close to what the president is proposing chlth. >> and here's speaker pelosi today with a little bit of a refinement on that. and she addressed the question whether the house of representatives is accepting the senate bill assuming the senate is going to make the adjustments and how this bill looks in final passage. let's listen now to speaker pelosi. >> what you find complicated process is simple majority. and that's what we're asking the senate to act upon. it's up to them. here are the three stepses we're going through. what are the substance? and that's what we're putting together and that's what we wanted to put together before we hear from our colleagues today. secondly, what is the senate to do with a simple majority and then we will act upon that. >> congressman, it looks like people have been watching this
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for now more than a year. what is going to happen in the end game is the house of representatives is going to pass the senate bill. the senate is going to have to pass a reconciliation measure by simple majority vote that adjusted the changes that the house wants to see made. and what she decides she gets the vote, she will get the votes. >> she and 17. >> that's right. >> absolutely and as long as we get assurances, we'll take out the corn husker and pull out that kind of junk. and we'll go with the senate and take up reconciliation. and we'll get the bill and probably pass a few extra things like we did this past week,
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eliminating exceptions from insurance companies and let families keep the kid until they are 26. we may take away the special privileges of drug companies not a care can't negotiate for lower price on behalf of medicare and we'll get a bill and then we're going to move to jobs and i think by november it's going to be a very different scene than it is now nationally and the american people are on their si side. >> do you feel confident passing a huge health care bill, which changes the way we face the electorate come november and do well enough and we're on the side of what is right. taking care of americans, making sure that our fellow citizens and making sure that people afford the health care that we have. i think the american people when they look at what we will do,
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they will be very pleased at what we've done. again, america will be better and americans will be better off. and one of the things that is so interesting, chris, one of the things that i find so interesting about what republicans do, they don't just move the gold post. coming up, regardless of where things go from here, president obama was in control. i think yesterday's summit, that's what we saw. no more guy yelling no from the bell free. this guy was the boss yesterday. we're going to see where my colleagues agree with that. you're watching hardball on msnbc. somewhere in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains.
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welcome back. who won? co-authors of the blockbuster game change. number one best seller in new york times. the best political riding maybe in history but certainly in the last couple of years. gentlemen, thank you for joining us. now that i've shined you up, the fight begins. i think, did the president have a goal to reestablish the fact that he's the presiding officer of this government? not somebody at a tea party or
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not the people that are about to dist them? and special says session. >> there are also those that would claim illegal immigrants. this, too, is false. the reforms, the reforms i'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegal. >> in all of the years that i've heard such insolence. i thought yesterday was the president's ability to preside and keep order and be at least the chairman of the debate. and i thought he did very well doing that. and also showed some iron. your thoughts, and then your colleague, mark. >> i thought chris you're right.
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and it's time for them to lead and take control of the narrative around health care and the politics of it and you saw them attach themselves to a specific piece of legislation, a specific proposal and then you saw the president yesterday taking control of that room and he's often the smartest guy in the room. sometimes it's a little bit of a problem and sometimes can't help show that he was. and he was in control throughout and also showed a lot of respect to republicans. you know, he did -- gave them more credit than many people on the left did, saying that the difference between them are legitimate, philosophical differences on health care
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reform. and with all due respect, the parity of john mclaughlin, wrong. >> okay. >> i think that if the goal here is to pass a big health care bill, i don't think in the room and they might have been an attempt to ingratiate themselves and in the aftermath reaction from the members of their staff, any sense of republicans looked at obama and let's work with them. i don't think in the news coverage or for any american that happened to watch the thing, people need to follow him. he's our leader on solving health care crisis. there were moments when i think i would have hired -- he did say that he recommended them to be hired as a facilitator as a confidence in terms of republicans, i didn't see it at all. >> i'm looking at it in terms of getting 217 in the house and 255, i look at in terms of
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getting at least 50 senators to join joe biden and in terms of winning on the most important test of this year, john, i'll get back to you. i think he had the troops aroused and the tougher and more he dist the republicans and tired of rodney dangerfield and a professor who had fruit thrown at them from the back of the room. your thoughts? >> there's certainly a large part of the democratic party and the place where i agree with mark and disagree on the president's performance, the place i agree with him is that i don't think he changed the dynamics in the sense that the key votes for him, in the house and senate, are not the people who want them to trash republicans. the key votes for him are the ones that are wave vering democrats in the ideological spectrum. there's five, six, seven of them in the senate and a dozen of them in the house. he still needs that to pass this. even if he doesn't have any republican votes. he still needs those democrats and for those guys, they were
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looking for some sign that it was safe to side with the president. and that they could win the political argument. it's not clear to me that he did that yesterday at the summit. >> i just thing the country is tired of a government that cannot function. they want to see the chief executive that can take an order. let's look at the strategies of the two parties. let's start with the democrats. it's not quite as clear but it's pretty clear. here they are trying to make a point. the two sides are not far apart. >> quite frankly, we may be closer together than people really think. and actually getting agreement. get an agreement that move forward on it. >> many of the provisions on our bill are initiatives put forth by the republicans. >> there are some additional ideas that republicans have presented that we think are interesting and we also tried to include them. >> and i think there's a lot of agreement that the current insurance market fails too many people. >> i was glad to hear my friend, tom coburn's remarks.
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we are so close to national health insurance. >> the main point is, we are not really that far apart. >> well, anybody who has ever watched, by the way, the north korean assembly meet, where everybody acts in terms of their behavior, very sim layerly, and says the same thing, watch the republicans now. this is the closest thing to the democracy that i've ever seen. here's the simple message. kill the bill and start over. this is frighteningly -- we are not used to seeing this in the west. go ahead. >> this is a car that can't be recalled and fixed and we ought to start over. >> a lot of the people that i talked to want us to start over. >> they would like us to start over. >> they are talking about, as leader boehner said, mcconnell
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said, let's start over. so if we can do that, start over -- >> it's time to start over. >> but we'd like to start over. >> what we simply want to do is start over, we're going to work on a clean shaded paper. >> starting from a clean sheet of paper. >> let's start with a clean sheet of 35i7 sheet of paper. >> let's start from a clean sheet of paper. >> let's start from this. >> let's start over. >> the american people want us to scrap this bill. >> start over. >> we believe a better approach is to go step by step. >> it means going step by step and what family wants is a commonsense step by step approach. >> mark, you said that the president was overbearing. said, okay, give me a score card for that kind of behavior. it was like the little red book that they have waved in their
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hands. these guys have never heard such synchronized swimming by the words. >> that's what i was saying last night. >> it's crazy. the republicans -- the one thing they did really well, they did a lot well -- and they were playing for their strength and what they don't want is for this thing to go through and give obama a big win. they were on the door step of this before the massachusetts senate race. and even though the bill is unpopular now in some ways, if they pass something, it is going to shake some things up in an unprediblthable way. right now what republicans want is the projectory to continue and that's a game they played all year. >> let me tell you my game. i'm going to play that as often as we did. we are not going to leave that little mantage. i think the republicans look like nonthinking people. let's put it that way. the way that they almost were
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hip ma advertised in the repetition of those terms. >> they simply were robotic and frightenly on message. i would say, if you compare it to how they sounded in 2009 when they were talking about death panels and socialism and talking about a government take yoefr of the health care system, they actually sounded more reasonable in this meeting than they had sounded and less lunatic than they sounded in a lot of 2009. that was part of the goal. they put lamar alexander up there and wanted to see like they were not crazy. they seemed like san robots. >> in that spirit, you guys actually agreed on a couple of points. i'm so impressed. the book is called game change. this weekend when you're visiting your stores, where you buy books and look to get your cup of coffee, buy a book of game change. thank you. up next, it's 43 versus 39. what's george w. bush's beef with jimmy carter?
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back to hardball. he's back. former president george w. bush was back in washington hyping the thing. while doing so, he managed to take a shot at a former democratic president, jimmy carter. politico got it from a former meeting with the president and text, i have no desire to see myself on television. this is george w. speaking. i don't want to be a panel of formers ininstructing the currents on what to do. i didn't like it when a certain former president and it wasn't 41 or 42 made my life miserable.
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well, not 41. not 42, that's bill clinton. which, of course, leaves former president jimmy carter who i can bet actually enjoyed causing trouble for w. dick cheney got a call from president obama on wednesday to wish him a speedy recovery from his recent heart trouble. and they include and and and decades to come. and the magic number as gets from the nerdier moments, blair house senate. republican mitch mcconnell, over time, here is mcconnell.
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and i didn't count my time in terms of dividing it evenly and republicans and day long senate and the d's and the r'sed, tonight is a big number. up next a. big bombshell out of knew yorng. david patersonn would not take and seriously responded to the don't mess particular abuse top achlt of his. what a big surprise that was on this friday. you're watching "hardball." only on msnbc. my muscles feel like they've been pounded...
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on safety defect, congressman settled numerous lawsuits injured in car crashes and highlighting potential safety issues and major winter storm and across the and boston and philadelphia. gatorade says that it's dropping and tiger woods, this is the third major deal that has come apart since this scandal. and pass southern island of oak na wa. no reports of major damage.
7:36 pm
stocks have been relatively flat and aamounted to a snow day on wall street. grappled with a lackluster and surprisingly sharp drop in home sales. now back to hardball. >> there are a times when you have to step back and that moment as come for me. today i am announcing that i am ending my campaign for the governor of the state of new york. >> that was new york governor david paterson, announcing that he will drop out of the governor election. he cited the latest problem force the administration and whether state police improperly contacted a woman who had made domestic violence allegations against a close paterson aide.
7:37 pm
>> i am looking forward to a full investigation of actions taken by myself and my administration but i give you this personal and never abuse my office, not now, not ever. and i believe that the truth will prevail. >> liz writes for the new york daily news and steve. let's start -- there is ron reagan. i had the old script in my hand. i'm sorry. ron reagan is there. let's go back to liz binge minute. liz, give me the facts here as coldly as you can. >> well, you pretty much hit the nail on the head there. you talked about this top aide that is actually his body man. his name is david johnson. he has been with david paterson up to two days ago when he was suspended without pay when they
7:38 pm
found that there were allegations of domestic abuse by a woman who has been with him for four years, a live-in girlfriend and subsequently the case was dropped because she failed to show up and that was 24 hours in court. and it's unclear who contacted whom at this point. and the head of the personal security detail went to this woman's house and talked to her and said she felt that the state police were trying to drop the case. >> what would be the legal piece? is this a question of actual intimidation or was it the call itself? and is any call in such a matter considered interference or is it an intimidating type of call which is perhaps use of the law? >> i think the real issue is abuse of power. you're talking about the state police, the chief executive, the governor of new york who is in control of the state police, which is a law enforcement agency, has them at their
7:39 pm
disposal to go and and that is ridiculous. and let me go right now to steve. this makes a the lof democrats very happy. didn't rahm emanuel make a call several months ago to the governor urging him not to run for election? >> well, the guy in the white hair made the move and was that a a new york guy, don't forget a very key role in a number of political move. >> listen, i'm sure emanuel does but if you look at the particular interest in new york state, if you look at the move made with david paterson, i have
7:40 pm
to say terror threats throughout new york already knew at the time. he couldn't win in 2010. he was going to need to get out. you needed to let that process play out. when the white house did that, paterson dug in his heels. and even if it was rahm, he did it with the approval. calling the governor of new york. stanford's don't do that. >> no. the implication was that it was done with at least the understanding and the tasset of approval by everyone involved. i agree with steve that it was an unusual thipg to do. it was a shocking thing to do
7:41 pm
and he said that he was never actually asked to leave the race. >> never are people in politics so direct as a lot of people like to see it in print. let me ask you this. it seems like andrew cuomo doesn't get involved in a battle like he did before. this clears the air, it seems to me, so he can run if he wants to now. >> well, he wanted to all along, going to all along. the question is, he wanted to find the pretense to get in the race. they were struggling to have the exact way to do it. this answers that. i happen to believe patterson ws struggling and a 50-point deficit in primary polls. >> liz, thank you for being on
7:42 pm
tonight. you too, steve. we have a little bit of house keeping to do right now. willy is up there in vancouver. willy? >> chris, thanks for loaning us a couple of minutes here. the show that pro-seeded your show, we did what we thought was a phone interview with ryan miller. it turned out it was not ryan miller, would we've learned since. we were the victims of a prank. luckily we have the real ryan miller, the goal keeper for the team usa hockey player here. first and foremost, ryan, please accept our apology. it's a mistake that never should have happened. we regret it deep fully and i personally feel terrible about it. >> no problem. i appreciate a good prank. but i do try to keep my reputation. everybody has taken things personally. and i looked forward to a great game to compete for a gold
7:43 pm
medal, though. >> that was one of the things that the prampg caller said, he pretty much guaranteed if team usa played canada, that they would win the gold. and we're looking forward to and we're hoping to whoever make it is through, it's going to be a nice competitive game and it's going to be a lot of fun for both sides and all of the hockey fans around the world. >> i know you don't want to look too far ahead, if this was the united states canada game, what would that atmosphere be like? >> it would be outstanding. it would be a great thing for hockey. it's been a long time since we've faced the offer of championship and it would be exciting. but we will play whoever for that medal.
7:44 pm
i'll tell you that much. i just wanted to clear things up. i guess you mentioned this from friends and a lot of different pr staff on different teams are getting ahold of people and asking if i become that much different. i assure you i'm not that kind of a person. anybody who knows me knows i'm pretty laid back, pretty quiet. and i just enjoyed playing the game. >> well, i thought it sounded fishy at the time. i'm sorry i didn't stop it sooner than we did. the real ryan miller, please accept our apology and good luck on sunday. >> i will. thank you. take care. >> ryan miller, thanks so much. chris matthews, we apologize to eating up some valuable time of your show and thanks for receipting us do it. >> thank you willy. up next, white house social secretary deseree roger is leaving the white house and another person leaving is the one floged politically from
7:45 pm
letting the drifters. what are the influences having something to do with letting the door open there or somebody did. this is "hardball" only on msnbc.
7:46 pm
as promised, here is the list of the and tom of oklahoma, tom co-burn and jim bunning, a one-man filibuster and health insurance job number two, south carolina, jim demeant. no surprise there. the most conservative senate of the united states, jim inhofe who believes that it's a hoax.
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7:49 pm
the white house social secretary will leave her job next month. roblg injuries was at the center of the gate crashing episode last year. here is robert gibbs today talking about it. he's kind of let's listen. >> she told him around the beginning of the and private sector i don't think it did. no. >> talk show ron reagan is not officially on this show and lynn sweet, politics
7:50 pm
and and he is a careful guy again i think he told the and it's the white house when they shouldn't have gotten in. late november, this could have been like december, and now he says that it doesn't have anything to do with that event and now he says ep doesn't think it did and it seems to me that it's related but i don't know. >> i talked to deseree rogers today and asked her about this. and and how rough washington is when it gets involved with a controversy